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Suzannes Escorts
We are open every evening after 5pm until the early hours of the morning. Click on "Tonight's" tab to see who is available tonight. - Sunday 19th of August 2018 04:21:28 AM

Celebrating our 18th Birthday

8:47 pm, Friday 15th May 2015

Suzanne’s is 18!


We have now come of age - what are we old enough to do now!

We can't believe how quickly the years have gone by, or just how far we've come in that time!

How we’ve stayed at The Top of Our Game

This year, we're celebrating a very special birthday. Yes, Suzanne's Escorts - The No1 Agency is eighteen years old; and like a fine wine, we just keep getting better as the years go by! Providing London, Kent and more recently, Essex, with an escort service that is second to none, we've been at the top of our game for quite some time. It's our exceptional service that has helped us build up a loyal client base that's expanding week after week. So how did we get here?

A happy family

We started off as a one man band just Suzanne working night and day, now we are a family business with everyone playing a part, extending that warmth and respect to our escorts and clients alike. Over the years, many of our clients and the escorts who work with us have become close friends. All of our escorts work because they enjoy the job that they do, and they get an enormous personal satisfaction from delivering a stellar service to their clients. When our escorts are available for bookings, it's because they want to and look forward to the time that they spend working with our agency, we are proud to have such a good working relationship with everyone involved.

Catering to disabled clients

As the years passed, we were often asked about visiting disabled clients, we quickly learnt that this is a specialist field and if we were going to embark into this line it would have to be something we would only do if we could do it really well. We were being told how badly this service needed to be provided and how it needed to be tailored to individual clients needs. Many disabled clients told us how they were dissatisfied with the existing services catering to disabled clients.  One of our firmest beliefs is that everyone should be able to enjoy what we have to offer, so we set to work creating the best disability sympathetic escort service in the escort business. Over the last decade, this has gone from strength to strength, with disabled clients being able to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman in the comfort of their own home, we have many systems in place to provide the right type of escort for every clients needs and welcome ladies to join us who have experience in this field.  Disabled clients are most welcome to visit us! Our visiting premises is all on one level, with wheelchair access directly outside, making it really easy for us to welcome our disabled clients.

A careful selection process

Our escorts go through an extensive selection process, as we only want the best for our clients. We meet up with them not only to ensure that they are the same person as in their photograph, but to ensure that they have the kind of personality we are looking for. We only take on escorts who are courteous, polite and inspire confidence in us regarding the service they can provide you with. This strict criteria means that we often turn girls down, only taking on those who have that little something different and are a cut above the rest.

                                              Beauty in all shapes and sizes

We've always prided ourselves on variety here at Suzanne's too, wanting to satisfy the different desires of our clients. We don't discriminate on age, size or skin colour. Instead we judge potential escorts on personality, looking out for those who are warm, friendly and outgoing. You'll find that our mature escorts are some of the most friendly and sexy older ladies out there. They've seen a little bit more of life, and use that experience to really please a man. In fact, our younger escorts just love to learn from them!

Here's to many more years!

It's taken a lot of time and effort on our part to build Suzanne's up to the level it's at now; but it's been more than worth it. We run a service that's professional, legal and has escort safety and customer satisfaction at its core. So here's to another eighteen years! Will you be there as we move on to bigger and better things? 



Client Comments.

Hi Suzanne,
Just visited your website to check out if anyone new had joined....that would take my fancy (and to see the schedule of my current favourite ladies avilability) when I noticed the announcement of your 18th birthday year 
Happy Belated 18th..... :-)
Over the last several years, I've had the pleasure and the company off many ladies, amongst my favourites (to name a few, and in no particular order)
Jamie / Charlie 
Kelly Anne 
Like I've stated they're has been many more...but my memory fails me at present  (I'm slowly aging also lol)
For many of the girls, over the years I've written feedback; with a view to providing them the accolade they deserve. Additionally (hopefully) helping other gentleman make a decision when they are considering booking, using my first hand field experience as guideance of the type of service they will get likely to receive.
Amongst all, you SUZANNE, have been a unsung hero! providing a much valuable service within the area you operate.
Here's looking forward to many more enjoyable years pleasure and fun. Pxxxx   Thank you Mr P always a pleasure to book our girls for you, Suzanne x

Happy Birthday -so 18 Years, think I started using the agency about 8 or maybe even 10 years ago, time flies so many good memories the Tara's, Tamara's, Louise and Leigh and so many more and more recently Keira the wonderful Russian girl alas all moved on I wish them so much luck in what ever they are doing. Now many more lovely girls Thank you Suzanne for many happy years and hopefully many more to come. Paul.  Thank You Paul you are such a gentleman Suzanne x

Wow 18 years now I feel old, I remember those girls Paul, my personal favourites back in the day were Danni and the beautiful goth girl Delilah.  Suzanne you run a great business, lovely girls and great customer service, you made me happy as a young  man I hope your still in business to make me happy as an old man!  Jamie x x   Thank you Jamie we are growing old together you have given us many happy memories. suzanne x

Hey Suzanne Ive been with you since the early days and would like to thank you for your understanding of my condition and the many ways you have tried to help me, you have even helped me understand myself - what an eye opener - you know what I am talking about - we are all different that is for sure and I believe you treat your customers in that way, I have always been happy with your service, long may it continue. Joe x x x  Thank you Joe I have learn't along with you and it has been my pleasure too x




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