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Escorts to Canary wharf

11:06 pm, Wednesday 2nd July 2014

3 Escorts to visit a top hotel in Canary wharf

Hotels in Canary WharfI dropped off 3 of our sexy Escorts at one of the luxury Hotels in Canary Wharf this week for an overnight stay with a few of our regular clients.

We will call the girls Marcia, Mandy and Claire to protect their identities as everyone has their own stories for where they were meant to be that day and it wouldn’t do for me to give it away.

One of our regular clients was treating himself to a pre wedding splurge with his two friends, (yes I know, about to get married and having a last fling – in this business it is not for us to judge people if we did we would be unable to provide the wide variety of services that we do) he hadn't put much planning into the booking and just called me one evening saying, " hello babe, you remember me - I could tell instantly who he was he has the knd of voice you don't forget - I'm getting hitched next week you got any escorts in Canary Wharf for tomorrow"? He had decided to book 3 Escorts to accompany them to lunch, pool, dinner and fun and frolics later at one of the luxury hotels at Canary Wharf

I have known Jimmy (name has been changed) for over 8 years, a lovely man but he just can’t resist his extras!

The journey on the way to the hotel was an interesting one, we got stuck in an hour long traffic tail back and the girls used the time to get to know each other a bit better, discussing their private relationships, family and where their immediate families thought they were that day, as we got nearer to Canary Wharf the chatter from the girls in the car became hilarious now they all knew each other better. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement, what they would wear if they went in the pool, who had the sexiest swimsuit and if they went for a massage how much do they take off, would the pool go brown with all the fake tan and who would not be going in the steam room as it would ruin their hair and make the false eyelashes fall off, and wondering if they would even get to going to dinner later or if it would be room service and drinks in the room. One of the girls said, “Well if they don’t feed me they won’t be getting much from me, I can’t function when I’m hungry, just hang an out of action sign round my neck”! The others all cackled with loud laughter.

We come over to this area on a regular basis as we haves some very good connections here. We have several good clients living and working in the area that do a great publicity job for us, so a lot of our work comes from recommendations and word of mouth.

We can help you plan a special evening

Canary wharf is not only a buzzing business hub but has a great little shopping Centre with some unusual stores to mosey around. I think Canary wharf is nicer in the summer as it can be quite drafty and windy on the open walk ways in the winter. The hotels here are really at the upper end of the market all very luxurious and opulent. If you like the idea of a little afternoon party with a couple of Escorts do talk to us about this, we cover many areas and can help you find the ideal hotel. We don't just book Escorts we can help plan a lot more from single escorts for one on one company, dinner dates, company for couples and group bookings.

Hotel Lobby in Canary Wharf

A Hot 2 hour journey

After being in the car for nearly two hours from collecting the girls, we eventually pulled up outside the Hotel, it looked amazing from the outside, so it must be luxurious inside. For a 5* hotel, it must live up to all expectations but all the hotels in Canary wharf are pretty special.  All was quiet in the car and the girls were adjusting their clothing spraying perfume and touching up their lipstick. I gave Jimmy a call and he was outside very promptly, a tall good looking man in his 40’s dressed in casual designer clothes, he marched over to the car and said, “Hello gorgeous, are these our lovely girls then, you always choose the very best Suzanne, you know how much I appreciate this, right then girls come and meet the boys” and they all clambered out of the car pulling down the ridiculously short dresses, see you back here tomorrow morning girls, I said as they walked off in their extremely high heeled shoes trying to look sexy and aloof. All the girls knew they could call me if things were not going according to plan.  I didn’t expect to hear from them, Jimmy is a real gentleman and I knew he would look after the girls.

I never heard a peep from anyone for the rest of the day and evening but one of the girls couldn’t resist texting me “Its amazing here having a great time, food is gorgeous”.  As planned I went back to the hotel the next morning to pick up the girls at 9am I pulled up outside the hotel and after ringing each of them at least twice, I got a call back, “we’re just coming, one of us has lost a shoe and don’t want to leave without it” How do you lose a shoe!, always a dilemma at the last moment, some girls are more organized than others and some girls do a a better job than others but at the end of the day they are all different and not perfect just like everyone.  I like to think I am a reasonable and fair boss and will always give the benefit of doubt, when you have been doing this job as long as I have you have heard every excuse and story under the sun so nothing amazes us anymore.

 The next day

Eventually all three girls were back in my car and not looking as glamorous as they did when they had arrived. “Well did you have a good time girls, did they feed you?” Rubbing eyes and drinking bottles of water bit by bit I got the nitty gritty even the descriptions of the luxurious food and Champagne in ice buckets and fruity wine, Marcia said “I didn’t even know wine could taste like that now I know what all the fuss is about only thing is don’t think they do wine like that round my local shop!”.. Just ask and you shall receive was the guys motto we were truly spoiled”. Claire chimed in, “Yea He really knows how to make his last night of freedom a good one, we had the best time ever”.

They told of their first  impressions when they got into their rooms, what a lovely view it was; looking over the city and the hustle and bustle of city life. A couple of bottles of chilled Champagne waiting for them. The comfy King size bed, the massive televisions in the rooms and how straight away the boys where ordering up their porn movies for later on the pay per view channels. The sofas the size of a bed that was inviting and you could just sink in it. Mandy said, “I loved our sofa - that got christened as well as the shower, the bed, the floor; everywhere and anywhere, what a night! I’m knackered, treated like a queen for the night, get us that booking again Suz I could get used to this life”! She said as she yawned.

Marcia told of her pre-paid massage with her guy Greg apparently he is really into rugby and there is nothing he likes better than a good hard massage, they were booked into a double massage suite she said her massage was all oils and hot stones and was lovely. The massage room was such a sensual, sweet smelling place with a view of the calm river Thames, fluffy towels that were warm and snuggly. Laying there getting massaged with oils was seventh heaven, Marcia said, “it was great but if it was supposed to have got me in the mood for anything it didn’t work cause we both went off to the room afterwards in our white fluffy robes and slept for two hours”!

Luxury hotel Swimming poolThe swimming pool they described as a gorgeous glass paneled full length swim pool, with views looking out to the Thames and quite surreal as you were in the water looking out at the water and with heated flooring, the place was divine. “I can’t really swim” said Claire “but that didn’t stop me from getting my feet wet and having a laugh with my guy in the pool!” Our girls were on a natural high, giggling and over excited and telling in depth about their antics.  On the drive home the car went quiet all the joviality had worn off and tiredness was kicking in. My phone went off, it was Jimmy It was on hands free loudspeaker so everyone could hear him, “Sue you done it again the best girls, we had a blinding time, that one Mandy you should re name her Randy, well the whole car roared in laughter and Mandy was yelling back, “ yea Jimmy you know where I am when you want round 2 boy” Jimmy said,  “we will see about that, I got to be a good boy for a while now, never say never you know me Sue I will probably be back, but for now hasta la vista babies, thanks again Sue” The girls had nothing but praise for the guys so all in all everyone had a good time, satisfied clients and very happy escorts what more could you ask.

Our Canary Wharf Escorts are available to spend a night in any hotel within the areas covered by the agency. Discounted rates are applied to pre bookings for an overnight stay. So make your last night of freedom, or a bachelor’s lad’s night into a night you won’t forget! We have young and mature Escorts, fun and gorgeous someone for everyone.  


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