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Suzannes Escorts
We are open every evening after 5pm until the early hours of the morning. Click on "Tonight's" tab to see who is available tonight. - Sunday 19th of August 2018 04:22:51 AM

Escorts aged 35 and over to visit Kent and London 

Our mature ladies are irresistible, polite, professional and passionate. Unlike no other our 35's and over are delightful and experienced. With sharp wit and seasoned charm, our ladies have been there, done that and are now willing to let you in on the secrets to a very healthy, energetic and passionate love life.  

With experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes power. Our escorts to visit Kent, London and Essex are so unique, they will make you putty in their hands. The thought of an older woman teaching you the knowledge and the power you can then in turn use on your favourite lady is like no other. 

Mature woman in their prime delivering an excellent service.

Older women are every young man’s fantasy. Could she look like your school teacher from when you were a horny teenager, or your best friends mum? When you knew it was wrong as a teenager to look at an older woman like that, now you are a grown man you can indulge in the thoughts and fantasies that you had as a boy.

Their experiences in the escorting world make their passionate encounters unique, using their skills and seductive mannerisms to excite, entice and satisfy. Devoted to giving you young and mature men a pleasurable service, our over 35's are worth a visit from The No1 Agency for Ken London and Essex. . 


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