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Suzannes Escorts
We are open every evening after 5pm until the early hours of the morning. Click on "Tonight's" tab to see who is available tonight. - Sunday 19th of August 2018 04:22:36 AM

Escorts in Stockings From The No1 Agency For Kent, South London & Essex

Stockings and suspenders what is it about stockings that men find so sexy?

So many different types of stockings, hold ups, fishnet, seamed, silk, and patterned all in various colors, what do you like? Stockings with a short skirt so that you can just see a glimpse of flesh above the stocking top tempting you to see what is above. Sexy stockings, pretty lingerie and high heels we have escorts in stockings available every night.

Where it all began.

Stockings were traditionally made from Japanese silk and during the Second World War in the 1940's silk stockings became a rare commodity because all available silk was used to make parachutes.  When desperate times called for desperate measures women's natural inventiveness came into its own and a jug of gravy and an eyebrow pencil equalled a pair of stockings!  

The brown gravy mix was smeared on the legs pretty much as we would use fake tan today and a seam was drawn up the back with the eyebrow pencil.  This was all well and good until it rained!   Stockings were a luxury item and women lusted after real silk stockings, everything was rationed and although they wanted them they would have had to make too big a sacrifice to get them probably enough coupons to exchange for food for a month.  Sailors knew they could easily purchase stockings from other lands on their travels and that they would be an easy trade for woman’s affections, so maybe this is where the association of stockings and pleasure began!






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