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Suzannes Escorts
We are open every evening after 5pm until the early hours of the morning. Click on "Tonight's" tab to see who is available tonight. - Wednesday 22nd of August 2018 08:28:31 AM

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions when using Suzanne’s Escorts.

Booking through Suzanne’s Escorts enters you into a contractual agreement between ourselves “Suzanne’s Escorts” and our independent workers herein known as “Escorts”.

All of the staff and Escorts here at Suzanne’s Escorts provide an honest, reliable and professional, discreet service in London, Kent and Essex.


The Escorts provide a cash only service payable to the Escort within 5 minutes of their arrival to your agreed meeting place.

The area prices are set out on our areas page and are charged at cash per hour at the agreed rate.

A booking may be amended by the receptionist if a specific Escort is out of the area and an extra charge usually £10 may be added if needed to cover the Escorts travel expenses. This will be agreed at the time when you make the booking.

From time to time there are discounts and special offers available which can be found on our news page. These may be limited to specific Escorts, time of bookings and areas. These discounts/offers must be mentioned at the time when you make your booking and cannot be later added or amended.

Suzanne’s Escorts is not liable for any charges made by the Escort.  All monies paid are given directly to the Escort and is for the Escorts companionships and time. Any arrangements made between yourself and the Escort is at the sole discretion of the Escort and we would not enter into that or resolve any disputes made for extra arrangements. In the rare event of any disputes monies paid to the escort are refundable by the escort and we are not liable to refund money we have not received and would not enter into this. However we will always act in good faith for our clients and our business reputation and aim to amicably resolve any differences..  


 A booking may be cancelled within 15 minutes of making the booking If a cancellation is made and the Escort has travelled a good part of the journey or has arrived to you then a “call out charge’” will be requested from you which is half of the intended payment, this payment is to cover the Escorts travel expenses and loss of other potential earnings.  No further bookings can be made until this payment is collected this may be varied at the discretion of Suzanne’s Escorts.


The photos that are displayed on the website are those of the Escort chosen. All photos are recent and are updated as and when the Escort choses to do so.

The photos are genuinely that of the Escort. Some of the photos have been blurred out at the request of the Escort for their own privacy.

The pictures on our website are copyright protected and cannot be used for any other use other than that intended.


The information that you give when making your booking through Suzanne’s Escorts is kept very confidential. None of your information is given out to third parties and your details are kept secure.

No one with unauthorised permission can access your information remotely or manually. Our records are password protected and we use a secure network.

You can opt out of us keeping your information at any time and all of your details will be securely deleted.

Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Arrival times.

The times stated by the receptionist at the time of you making your booking is an estimate. We aim and endeavour to make arrival within the hour or at the time stated by the receptionist but this cannot be guaranteed. Due to traffic, diversions, extensions on previous bookings, distance, unforeseen circumstances and the Escort getting themselves ready.

Please be patient and you will be kept informed if the time stated has to change.

Advance booking arrangements- we endeavour to keep to your pre-arranged time, but we must allow for extra time booked by previous clients to go ahead. You will be kept updates as the time progresses. This can be avoided by booking an early appointment and requesting to be the first booking with an Escort.

Booking with Suzanne’s Escorts

Clients must be 18 years of age and over to use the services of Suzanne’s Escorts.

Booking through our agency is an arrangement between yourself and the Escort. We are not liable for any harm/injury or any other incidents that occur when you are with an Escort.  The Escorts are not our employees and the Agency is a booking agent for the Escort and a source of information for the client. 


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